11 July 2019 · Driving Hints & Tips

5 Truck terms that are important to know

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In our continuing series of truck terms you ought to know, we outline a few easy and more obscure terms to keep your trucking knowledge up to date.


This is a term used for the transmission gear ratio/s in which the engine turns more slowly than the tail shaft (e.g. for an overdrive ratio of 0.6 or 0.6:1 the engine turns 6 times for every 10 turns of the tail shaft). When used properly, overdrive gears allow the engine to turn more slowly at cruising speed which helps in reducing engine wear and also helps with improving fuel efficiency.

Pantech, Pan or Pantechnicon

This is a very common body type used in the Australian truck industry, the PANTECH body can best be described as a van body with solid non opening sides usually fitted with barn type rear doors or sometimes a rear roller type door. They are a body that can be found on a rigid vehicle or trailer (e.g. furniture van). 

Bogie Drive

A truck with two drive axles at the rear. Bogie drive prime movers are the most common type of prime mover in Australia. The drive is transmitted from one axle to the other by means of a short drive shaft called a jack-shaft. The bogie drive axle group is often referred to as a "tandem axle group".

Axle Group

A group of axles supporting one section of a vehicle. 

Eg.1: "tandem axle group" in relation to a vehicle, means a combination of 2 axles which are not less than 1 metre or more than 2 metres apart. 

Eg.2: "triaxle group" means a group of 3 axles in which the front and rear axles are not less than 2 metres or more than 3.2 metres apart.

Cabover or Cabover Engine (COE)

This is a term that all Hino trucks in Australia abide by and offers great benefits. A cabover truck is one whereby the cab is mounted directly above the engine and front axle. This allows shorter overall vehicle length for better manoeuvrability, has better all-round view for the driver and offers a greater load carrying area within an overall length limit.